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Full set of liquid filtration bag production line

Author : Date : 2011-12-15 19:11:22

Wuxi, ultrasonic equipment Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturing ultrasonic welding equipment, plastic hot melt welding machine, automobile parts plastic welding machine, the standard plastic welding equipment. The company in welding project design, welding technology and equipment for manufacturing technology has accumulated experience, in order to provide better liquid filtration bag of welding equipment, more reasonable welding technology, the staff of our company will continue efforts to repay all customers.

Liquid filtration bag three parts welding:

1. Among the first joint welding (filter bag bag body welding between)
Will the filter cloth into the width of the corresponding cuts (normal ZhongFeng welding need about 20 MM lap to lap overlap, the width of the count in), through the hot melt welding will rolls filter welding into tubular, and cut into bits and pieces of the length of the corresponding filter bag;

2. Second filter cartridges and plastic circle welding, through the hot melt welding process the whole circle welding;

3. The filter bag again the welding, through the hot melt welding process on seals the tail welding, the filter bag welding into V type (triangle bottom), U (arc), trapezoidal.

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