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MBR Flat Sheet Membrane welding equipment

MBR Flat Sheet Membrane welding equipment MBR Flat Sheet Membrane welding equipment
Product name : MBR Flat Sheet Membrane welding equipment
Item : NC-970*490
Details :

MBR plate membrane equipment

MBR plate membrane welding equipment

MBR film welding equipment
MBR Flat Sheet Membrane welding machine,
According to the film frame types (ABS plastic board), making the corresponding welding equipment!

A, the equipment situation 
1, name of equipment, non-standard plastic hot melt welding machine system 
2, equipment model number: NC - 970 * 490 
3, the welding object: plastic materials (such as ABS, PP) and non-woven hot melt welding 
4 medium, welding, heat welding, without any medium 
5, equipment capacity: 3 class per class 8 hours a day 
6, welding requirements: 
Don't fall off after 1) on the surface of wire drawing, welding, no welding, welding leakage phenomenon; 
2) product basic for laymen welding line after welding. 
B, the equipment specifications and parameters 
Host about size: (L) x (W) 1800 1700 * 1760 (MM) (H) 
Power supply: 220 vac of 60 hz (suitable for Taiwan region) 
Heating power: 1-8 kw hot plate up and down process: 0-220 - mm 
Consumed power: 1-8 kw 
Hydraulic pressure: the pressure of 0.3-0.3 MPa 
Most large area for welding: 1000 mm x 500 mm 
Equipment weight: 1500-2000 kg 
c, process (automatic simply put, in a press the start button) 
Put product in a cavity (spot welding) to fixture fixed under product, press start button to die down - > hot hot welding and welding fixture loosening under the time to complete - rising hot die - products - products glue - launched the bedplate welding to remove products 
D, machine structure and the external protection 
1, the frame is made of high quality steel welded structure, with the level height is adjustable at the bottom of the foot, easy to adjust the machine level; 
2, all the machines side panel, the material for manufacture; 
3, when in automatic welding operators, protected by safety protection grating; 
4, level mobile work table using 45 # steel, surface treatment, the surface is bright and clean; Has no deformation, long service life. The design has a standard mold tooling interface, and space reserved for customers other products after upgrade; 
5, hot mold (4 linear bearing) guide column diameter of 50 mm, surface finish vertical degree and coaxial degree < 0.08, < 0.025 mm; 
6, horizontal sliding table mechanism consists of two sets of horizontal motion linear guide rail, using the cylinder driving trip is 600 mm, guide and guide pin sliding fit clearance is 0.025 mm; 
7 import magnesium aluminum alloy manufacture, the heating plate, hot plate area 1000 * 500; Heating control system - USES six separate control temperature control module, make the mold surface heat evenly and consistency, temperature error range within 2-3 ℃; 
8, top of the machine has the heat concentrated discharge device, can effectively reduce air pollution; 
9, plate membrane around the bottom fixture - plastic board through the block is fixed on the bottom fixture; 
10, mold making - hot melt fixture adopts imported magnesium alloy die steel production, the surface of the welding paste (teflon), high temperature resistant tape die than welding line 3 -- 4 mm wide, mould width is 16 mm. 
E.devices that 
Frame with national standard quality of rectangular iron pipe welded together, then through surface plastic spraying process. Door plank by numerical control bending machine and punching machine processing molding, surface treated by plastic spraying process again. 
* product level mobile mechanism 
Horizontal mobile mechanism, a sliding block guide rail by cylinder and fixed template parts. Cylinder as a source of power, drive the product template institutions make linear movement along the two sliding block guide rail or so. 
Structure features are: table in movement, movement and smooth clearance. 
* hot and running mechanism 
Model through four limit guide rod and hot plate connected together, can accurately adjust the welding depth, to form a main motion parts of the equipment. 
* hot module and motion mechanism 
Hot template mobile mechanism consists of cylinder, linear bearing, 4 column guide rod, mold, and other parts. Cylinder as a source of power, drive the hot mold institutions make linear movement along the four guide rod up and down. 
Structure features are: in the process of production, can make hot die quickly in contact with the product, at the same time more quickly with glue under a precise welding. Again with buffer, accurate positioning, reduce vibration, ensure that the size and appearance of the product requirements. 
* cover 
Machine is fully enclosed structure, cover the top with powerful exhaust structure, the toxic gas flowing rapidly when welding the machine internal cavity, reduce the toxic gases harm to operators, the rear part of the body, the lower are movable door, convenient maintenance. To ensure safety in production, humanized design, in operating the inlet is equipped with safety grating, in automatic welding condition to ensure that any parts of the body in the equipment within the hazardous locations, equipment are immediately stop, to be dangerous to remove rear can continue to work. 
F, the control system 
* using programmable controller (PLC) and touch screen control the whole operation process, as well as fully automatic operation, can also be used manually. 
* equipment installed on either side double emergency stop button and switch button and alarm device. 
* parameter Settings interface to add password locked, to prevent unauthorized personnel to modify and set parameters. 
* control disk plate setting status indicator lights, all the state machine can be displayed on the control board games. 
* equipped with independent distribution box, circuit of function block, heavy current and weak current zoning control, in equipment maintenance, be clear at a glance, in order to facilitate maintenance. 
* electric control cabinet (installation and machine integration) 
* programmable controller installed in the control enclosure 
* gas circuit adopts pneumatic module integration integration, gas path and tidy and clear, beautiful and easy 
* button on the operation panel 
Equipment operation parameters can be input (hot melt time, heating temperature, etc.) 
Installed in the operator on the left 
All functions can operate on the operation panel: debug (manual), automatic welding, the parameter Settings 
The malfunction of the equipment panel warning light flashing 
Failure by processing according to "reset" button after reset, then press "start" button, the machine will continue to run automatically. 
The green light is lit, the "start" button is available. 
The red light is lit, "start" button is not available. 
Equipment main parts as follows: 
1 structure system main components: steel, casting, bolts, welding connection, industrial aluminum profiles, the equipment panel, etc. 
2 sheet metal and surface treatment 
3 action system main components of pneumatic components, linear guide, linear bearing 
Four main components of PLC, touch screen control system 
5 and other electrical accessories button switch, temperature controller, sensor) 
6, mold (hot modulus of teflon tape on the surface of magnesium alloy processing) 
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