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Copper pipe punching machine

Copper pipe punching machine Copper pipe punching machine Copper pipe punching machine
Product name : Copper pipe punching machine
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Copper and aluminum pipe solar energy rotary positioning pulling hole flanging machine

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CNC solar copper metal tube drawing flanging machine principle of work
Solar tube special drawing flanging machine is nicorandil ultrasound equipment limited company according to the application of solar energy, air conditioning, refrigeration industry brass pull / play / punching flanging equipment, professional and developed a set of automation equipment: including solar tube pulling hole flanging machine, air-conditioning pipe punching flanging machine, pneumatic tube hole flanging machine and freezer brass punching flanging machine. According to the specifications of diameter 22, copper profile perforated, precision punching, the pull out of hole in a straight line, will not be offset. To facilitate the replacement of various aperture drill, computer control, convenient operation brass slot machine function: push / pull a shoulder hole. Diameter of pipe wall thickness requirements:19-8-0.8mm, pull ( Ranma10 ¢),22-8-25 pull out pull, Phi 10, Phi 35out fits16. Is from the inside out new brass stamping / punching pattern drawing, and completed a one-time pulling hole and the flanging operation, improve enterprise beneficial result!
Solar brass tubes automatic punching flanging machine welding characteristics
The solar brass slot machine controlled by microcomputer control, through the touch screen interface to set parameters and operating switch, the operation is simple and convenient;
The solar brass automatic slot machine system with punching, flanging two kinds of functions, with manual, automatic two selectable modes;
The NC solar tube pulling hole flanging machine adopts pneumatic control, workpiece positioning ( X, Y coordinates ) driven by the servo, punching processing more accurate;
The NC solar brass pull hole flanging machine firm, working hours no vibration phenomenon, motion without movement unsmooth phenomenon;
The flute shape solar brass tubes drawing flanging machine according to the specifications of diameter 22, copper profile perforated punch, accurate, convenient operation;
The solar dedicated brass drawing flanging machine for Flute shape tube processing design, can be processed in diameter, wall thickness of 1mmФ 80copper inner ( focused on solar energy and air conditioning industry with brass and aluminum processing ).
Solar tube single row automatic drawing flanging machine applications
Solar flute shape brass automatic slot machine is the use of mechanical action on the copper pipe punching processing, selection of the desired aperture punching, blanking die, power and control part uses a hydraulic, pneumatic servo system, AC and PLC control, and then use the punching and flanging device for copper pipe punching flanging once completed, after forming brass processing parts and smooth, no burr, no scratch. The most unique place is original in the copper do not drill hole is the use of punch and die from the outside to the inside, this equipment is from the inside to the outside, stamping and changes the prior blanking mode. Particularly suitable for flute tube punching / punch / pulling hole processing, air conditioning pipe punching machine controlled by microcomputer, precision punching, to facilitate the replacement of various aperture drill, programmed control, convenient operation. Generally used in solar energy central air-conditioning flute, brass, metal machinery, air-conditioning, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment with brass processing, precision of hole punching, drawing, punching hole, reaming, copper processing.

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