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Refrigerator glass plastic frame welding machine

Refrigerator glass plastic frame welding machine
Product name : Refrigerator glass plastic frame welding machine
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Refrigerator glass plastic frame welding machine, fridge interlayer glass frame welding equipment, refrigerator plastic frame welding machine

Through the welding pieces of the ultrasonic energy is transmitted into the weld area, since the welding zone whereby the two welding interface of acoustic resistance is large, therefore will have a local high temperature. Because the plastic poor thermal conductivity, can not be distributed in time, gathered in the weld area, resulting in two plastic contact surface rapidly melting, coupled with a certain pressure, make it blend into one. When the ultrasonic stop function, let the pressure continued, some holding pressure time, make its solidification forming, so as to form a solid molecular chain, achieve the purpose of welding, welding strength can be close to the raw material body strength.

Ultrasonic welding is usually used for plastic welding, it completely replaced with adhesive glue on the traditional industries, in the ultrasonic welding process is not even the bolts, nails, buckling, welding material or adhesive material together, it is better than traditional adhesive or glue water faster, and the drying time is also very fast, welding the process can be easily automated, can be easily customized to accommodate various types, specifications of products are welding.
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